Repairs and Maintenance

Yes, finally a qualified builder who will tackle those repairs and maintenance sized jobs!

These are the jobs many DIYers tackle with mixed degrees of success. If you have rental properties or your own home needs various repairs and fix-ups, time and know-how may be against you. We enjoy these small jobs and will give an honest appraisal followed by a great result.

Rotten Claddings and Windows

Rotten weatherboards are often the result of water damage or insect damage, accompanied by an overdue need for repainting. Does this sound familiar? This is basic building work that needs doing and time and know how can get in the way. This is where we come in. We can replace weatherboards and other claddings and prepare walls for painting. If you have weatherboards in need of repair or replacement then we can do this work for you, from even one weatherboard to a total reclad. If the corners of the building are suffering from weather damage we can discuss options on how to repair, replace and further protect the corners using such things as flashings, soakers or corner boxes.

Windows also deteriorate due to water and insect damage and on occasion need to be removed to have them fixed, and then re-installed. We do this type of work also and through co-ordinating the timings, ensure the window cavity is temporarily boarded up for a minimal amount of time.

Plumbing Damage

Many houses suffer damage as a result of leaking or split plumbing pipes and connections. Often it remains unnoticed until the damage has spread out from under a cabinet, bath, shower or kitchen and can require the replacement of floor sheeting and wall linings. Sometimes this work is covered by insurance but either way it is the type of repair work we do.

Other times the damage may be generated through leaks in the roof, gutters overflowing or burst pipes and connections above the ceiling. This can result in damage to ceiling and walls and require patching up or replacement of the linings. This is work that we can undertake for you or your insurance firm. It may be a good opportunity to run any electrical services through the walls while the linings are off and to install insulation.

Minor Maintenance

We do the “I will get around to it” jobs to make your life easier. These are some of the regular jobs we carry out that I would categorise as minor maintenance: creaking floor board, doors and windows that stick, installing smoke alarms, installing or repairing letter boxes, affixing handrails, patching holes in the walls and ceilings, fitting new door handles and maybe even new doors, installing French Doors, repairing sections of damaged floor, hanging gates, and the list could go on. These are often left because people think builders are not interested in this type of work. We are interested and will take care of these irksome tasks to get that “monkey off your back”. We regularly get a list of fixits when we start these jobs and the list tends to grow, which is great for the client and for us.

If you are looking for building Repairs and Maintenance in Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt or the Wellington Region then contact Kane Construction on 027 493 9045 or click here to email us.