Exterior Building Work

Often the labour intensive work but we love it. Building decks, fences, pergolas, stairs, retaining walls and other external structures requires fitness as well as ability. We have both. Any project you have or may be thinking about, we are happy to discuss the options and costs with you while also providing technical advice.

Retaining walls

We build retaining walls and can assist you with determining whether your proposed retaining wall requires a Building Consent or not. More than that, we will assist you through any stages that you want us to, from planning and design, obtaining a Building Consent (if required) and then construction.


Thinking about a new fence or repairing and existing fence? We can build you a new fence or upgrade the existing fence using the existing posts and rails if they are in sound condition. Small things make the difference with a fence such as straight lines, sound fixing of rails to posts, straight nail lines for fixing palings to the rails, even spacing of the rails, mowing strips and the lack of damage to the foliage around it during construction. We build a fence with pride to ensure the best result. We don’t take short cuts by digging shallow holes or using untreated timbers. We remove all our rubbish and the rubbish created through the construction progress to ensure a tidy and well presented result.


We love building decks, especially in summer. If you want a deck from a small landing and step to a large deck hung off the second floor of your house over a bank with awful access, yes, we want to build it. We have experience in building low level decks with minimal ground clearances, to building decks reaching out over gullies 6m below. The latter is obviously more difficult but very rewarding. If you want a deck with a membrane surface, such as may be required if the deck also forms a roof over a room below, then we can build that too. Depending on the height and size of the deck, you may require a Building Consent. We can assist you with the planning and Building Consent application and then construct your deck for you. We remove all our rubbish from site and any rubbish created during the construction process to leave you to enjoy the use of you outdoor living area.

Many older decks need repairs and replacement of rotten or damaged fasteners and timber framing members. We do this work also so that your deck remains safe to use. When replacing stairs and balustrades we discuss options and bring you up to the new standards compliant with the New Zealand Building Code.

Carports and Verandahs

We build carports and verandahs too.

Many roofing products are available now which offer UV protection while letting the light through. Some carports are attached to the side of an existing house or garage while others are stand alone units, either way, we can build it for you.

If you need a carport or verandah it may, depending of the size, require a Building Consent. We can assist you through the planning and Building Consent application processes and then build the carport or verandah for you.

If you are looking for Exterior Building work in Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt or the Wellington Region then contact Kane Construction on 027 493 9045 or click here to email us.